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Travel & Lifestyle Vlog

An unfiltered view of Temper's travel adventures across Europe.

Showcasing the good AND the bad that each city has to offer.

Weekly conversational videos on her opinions about life, hot topics, and new travel destinations.

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Covers & Original

Free access to my musical covers, and original songs.

As well as tips for improved breathing and singing.


Affordable one on one vocal training classes, online and/or in person.

Quick easy to follow lessons to bring out the best artist in you.

Based in Germany

Vocal Training

Temper of Beauty

The Singer

Born and raised in Barbados, Temper has dedicated most of her life to singing.

Professionally trained, Temper has, up until 2023, only done live performances. She is currently focusing on recording and publishing her own original music.

While she does not limit herself to one particular genre, she sings mainly Pop, Reggae, and RnB.

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Temper of Beauty

The YouTuber

Temper's YouTube concentrates on travel and lifestyle content.

Videos focused on living a more grounded life while working a 9-5 in a German city are uploaded every Tuesday.

Travel Vlogs focused on different European cities are uploaded every second Wednesday.

Mini Videos showcasing different talents worldwide, whether it be live music at a restaurant, or the paintings/designs of exceptional up and coming Artistes.

Temper of Beauty

The Podcast

Weekly podcast starring Temper's spicy personality, and controversial opinions on everything from music, politics, and religion to relationships and trending hot topics.

Surprise guest speakers from across the world.

Music from up and coming artists.

Online Vocal Training classes





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50,00 € per hour

125,00 € for 3 hours, 1 week

225,00 € for 5 hours, 1 week

325,00 € for 8 hours, 1 month

Student discounts are available.